Hi, I'm

Amir H. Hajizamani

Product Consultant and Coach

I help Product Managers and multi-disciplinary teams become highly effective in tackling complex challenges – and have a peachy time doing it – with my unique sense-making approach to Product Management.

This is the result of combining three things I deeply care about: helping others flourish by sharing insights from my breadth and depth of coaching & PM experience, curiosity about how human systems work, and respect for each individual I work with.

"Restoring calm, [Amir] would guide me through altering my perspective in order to discover solutions. The skills I learned from him are ones that I still exercise and have been able to transfer across to a different job role and industry."

- Esin, Product Manager

Are you ...

Finding your feet as the first or solo Product Manager in your company?In your first Product leadership role at a growing start-up?Craving intellectual rigour in your Product practice but frustrated by the VUCA in your environment?An engineer turned Product person in search of deeper impact?A generalist looking for the best ways to add value to your multi-disciplinary team?Struggling with communication and engagement with members of other disciplines or senior stakeholders?A designer, researcher or engineer who often thinks "I'm doing the PM's job"?
Yes? Then let's work together.

"[Amir] very quickly helped me to approach product management more rigorously and to enjoy the craft more. [..] "Talk it through with Amir" is something I've said a lot!"

- Izaak, Senior Product Manager

"I'm currently doing a UX consultancy and overwhelmed myself with what I wanted to deliver. Amir helped me identify what to focus on and clarified some issues I was grappling with.

If you're a UX designer or product lead, I highly recommend booking a session."

- Haider, UX Consultant

My 1:1 Coaching Offer

We'll map out your path to peachy. We'll explore your world and frame challenges in the most useful way. We'll co-create solutions that enhance your capabilities for now and the future.

Our sessions will be intellectually rigorous, and also compassionately held. Both are necessary for you and your team to flourish.

I will not give you cookie-cutter advice (unless you need to make cookies). Here are three parts of the PM lifecycle I can support you in:


Is a Product role right for you?Assessing a new company or team for fitYour first year as a PMDefining your own success in a new team


Synthesising research into non-BS strategyHow to create and use Product VisionDefining good product metricsFinding your place in a multi-disciplinary team of expertsEngaging stakeholders meaningfullyBalancing strategic work with short-term winsNavigating loneliness, self-doubt and frustration


Creating the conditions for successful teamsNavigating funder and senior management relationshipsCollaborating with other discipline leadersMatching strategy with resources and team structure

Want to have a free exploratory chat first? Book a time for morning coffee together.

My Approach

I use my 4+3 model of effective product practice with clients to discover and frame challenges in their context and co-create and experiment with solutions.

(What’s this 4+3 model? It combines my four elements for effective product teams with my three organisational conditions for success. Curious to know more? Stay tuned!)

"Amir was the one person I’d go to for advice or an outside-in perspective when it came to product.

He is an excellent listener with original thinking when it comes to thinking about how teams can be more effective, less anxious and have more fun."

- Dal, Product Manager

Workshops, Consulting and Strategy

My experience and offering also includes:
Designing and facilitating workshops for multi-disciplinary teams that clarify and focus their effortsConsulting on product discovery, strategy and development processes to accelerate the pace and impact of teams
To discuss working with me on such projects, please email me a brief outline.

A multi-disciplinary team engaged in a group workshop

"Amir was also a great support to me in setting our product strategy, drawing from his excellent experience and astute ability to diagnose the wider conditions for change. His thinking on how to build measurement capability within product teams has been foundational and will stand us in great stead over the coming months and years."

- Kylie, Head of Product

"Amir is an inspiring and thoughtful product leader who can corral people behind a clear strategy and simultaneously roll up his sleeves and talk shop with the developers."

- Tim, Director of Technology

More About Me

For 12+ years I've been immersed in software as a Product Manager, Leader, Engineer, Computer Scientist and volunteer. This has taken me across 6 industries in organisations of all shapes and sizes: pre-seed start-ups, scale-ups such as Yieldify and Deliveroo, mature businesses such as Google, and charities and social impact companies like Citizens Advice and Arbor Education.

I'm currently based in London. I've lived in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Iran and worked extensively with colleagues in Portugal and Serbia.

This range of experience in delivering products in multi-disciplinary environments means I've developed a knack for bringing multiple perspectives together to tackle challenges, and an ability to identify what works and what doesn't depending on context.


Do you have questions about my coaching? Can't find a time in my calendar that works for you? Want to discuss a consulting opportunity?

I'm happy to answer queries by email: [email protected], or on Twitter @amirhhz.

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